Family notes and pedigrees

4th August 2015

A notebook with transcriptions and extensive genealogical annotations made by Edith Carey. Staff (strong room). Please ask for further information.

1361. Plaids d'Heritage, re 5 bushels of rent due. Symon Maucovenant son and heir of John Maucovenant against Colin Henry of St Pierre du Bois, the jurats are as follows: Oliver Le Feyvre, Robert Henry, John Floers, Philippe de Saint Martin, Richard Tiphaigne, Guillaume Caretier, John Le Gay, John Le Feyvre, Guillaume Nicolas, Pierre Orengier, [Pierre Le Gay]. (Lee MSS)

1367/8. In Jugements & Records, held Monday March 26 1367/8, Robert Hervye [Lieutenant-Bailiff to John Le Marchant Bailiff], present Bernard de St John, Guillaume Nicholas, Guillaume Caretier, Pierre Le Gay, John Le Gay, Colin Le Feyvre, Philippe de St Martin, Richard Tiphaigne & John Le Feyvre, jurats. John Nicholas, eldest son of Robert Nicholas, the said John and partners against John Floeres. Robert Nicholas father of the said John ... having purchased from the said John Floeres a piece of land on which it is intended to erect a house situated in the town of St Peter Port for the yearly pay [?]nty 2 quarters of wheat rent to John Le Marchant ... as first rent after the chief rent to the Seigneur ...

Letters to William Edendon, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England

1. (M 14) Concerning Otho de Holland and his appointment as Warden, the Bailiff, jurats and islanders plead for him to remain as they are amazed by a rumour he is to be removed; he is and has been good and loyal and useful to the King while in the island, and has begun to build a fortification in St Peter Port as instructed to protect the island, and the islanders have contributed to the cost. If it is not completed the island will be vulnerable to the enemy. Jersey faction trying to bribe their way into power so that they can get away with the murder of Guille Le Feyvre and other crimes, for which Otho de Holland is trying them. Guillaume Le Feyvre was a good and loyal man all his life. If we are sent a new Warden who is 'de la cord des maul fesours de Jersey' these petitioners will have to flee the islands for England. [EC: William Le Feyvre son of William, and attorney to Edmund de Cheney (partage 1350). He was killed before 1357 by Reginald de Carteret and other Jerseymen 'as a traitor.' His widow Nicola de Saumarez denied this accusation, claiming that the murder was a result of 'an old enmity and their own malice.' She maintained that he was under the King's special protection. A Guillaume Le Feyvre was Prior of the Vale in 1312.]

[Edmund de Cheney succeeded Holland as Warden in 1358.] 2. (M 15) Letter to the Chancellor from Otho de Holland. On his last visit to the islands he was told by more than one source that Edmund de Cheney, Warden, has come to an understanding with a Jersey faction that he will hand over the keeping of Gorey Castle to them. The annual income promised to Cheney for this is more than the total income from the whole island of Jersey (listed), so it is unlikely he is doing this for the King's benefit. He asks the Chancellor to prevent the Castle thus passing out of the hands of the English. [p. 12]

Letter (loose, 25 November 1920) from TMW de Guérin to Edith Carey concerning 'Mr Nicolle's most interesting MSS which he has sent me, ie the extracts from Inq. post mortem 31 Edw. III; re Nicolas Lucas' request that his Bordage Grosse Teste be held in 'frank service' instead of villenage; Lucas' attempts to gain control of the mills; the arguments over appointing Peter Guyon sergeant-at-arms as well as Seneschal in Guernsey (the Court upholds the Prior). 'The last two on the rumoured appointment of Sir Edmund de Cheney as Warden are the most important and quite the most personal letters that have come down to us from the 14th century, except of course that of John des Roches. Inter alia the first refers to the building of the Tour Beauregard, just commenced, the murder of Wm Le Feyvre and rumours of a Spanish expedition fitting out for a descent on the Islands.'

Manuscripts lent me [EC] by William Bell Esq, formerly belonging to his father Dean Bell (?if not to the Vale Church.)

1. 20 October 1376. John Le Marchant, Bailiff, jurats John Tiph[aine], Pierre de St Pierre, Guille Guilbert, Robert Henry, Guille Nicolas(?), Pierre Le Gay, Colin Le Feyvre and Colin de Saumares. Richard Garnache v. Monsieur John Guilbert, rector of St Michel du Valle and representative of the poor(?) of the Vale. John Hamelin of la Rousselande, John de la Capelle. Money owed on a piece of land which is part of the Courtil de la Rousselande &c. [p. 16]

18 June 1747. Eléazar le Marchant, Lt-Bailiff to Josué Le Marchant, Bailiff. Samuel Bonamy and Jean Andros, jurats. Court authorised, by the Act of 30 May last, to auction the house and land of Pierre Mauger of the Varclin. James Blanche son of Pierre, presently living in St Peter Port, came before the Court for this purpose. He was seized of this estate through inheritance ... having [sold?] the estate to Sieur Thomas Thoumes junior of St Martin. It consists of a house, barn, the Courtil Héron, all situated in the area of the Varclin ... to the NW of a house belonging to Nicolas Robert, separated by a road, and to the SE orchards belonging to the purchaser's brother, Sieur Pierre Thoume .. and to the E of a courtil belonging to Sieur Thomas Thoume, the purchaser's father, and to the N of a courtil belonging to Jean Ollivier son of James, rent payable to: Firstly Mr James de Beauvoir; Item to Mr Jean Guille of St George; to Dame Marie Fautrart; to Mr Anthoine Le Mesurier, heir in part of his father, the late Mr Nicolas Le Mesurier; to Sieur Thomas Ollivier du Hurel; to Sieur George Guignon in right of his wife, daughter of the late Sieur Thomas Allez; to Nicolas Martin in right of Marie des Perques his wife; to Christine Maindonald daughter of Jean; to Dame Sara Agenor; to Marie Coundwell (sic) out of Thomasse Herivel's mortgage; to Hellier Robert junior; to Jean Heaume des Hoüars; to Susanne Mauger; to Sieur Samuel Allez; and lastly to Marie Le Retilley, widow of Elizée Le Retilley. Rachel, the wife of Sieur Jean Ahier, creditor of the estate, consented to the sale. Thomas Thoume desired and agreed that his fiancée, Rachel Canivet, should have life enjoyment of this property should she survive him, providing she pays the aforesaid rents. [Livre de Perchage, Fief de Beauvoir, 1760, p. 5, in the Library.] Under seal. [p. 18]

20 February 1668. Before the Vavasours of St Michel. Sieur Colas Henry junior of La Greve sold to Josaphat Henry son of Pierre of the Clos du Valle 3 perches of land in Colas' stockyard, which met the gable of Jospahat's house. Compared with the original document signed by the late Sieurs William Le Feyvre, James Falla and Jean Falla, Vavasours, signed by us also Vavasours on 8 June 1706: J de Jersey, Jacques Quertier. [p. 19]

Guille (St George) MSS.

1 September 1401. Under seal. Gervaise de Clermont, Bailiff. There appeared before me and Guillot Le Feyvre, John Le Feyvre, Pierrot Coquerel and John Bernard, jurats, in St Peter Port, Philippot Le Vesque [Levesque], guardian of the daughter of Jean Beauvoir(?) and of the daughter of Guillaume(?) Le Prevost et cousine(?) de [unintelligible fille de Richard(?) Brecher(?) une part] ... et Richard Escolesse son of John. The said Philippot Le Vesque in right of the aforementioned girls, having taken the good advice of friends and close relatives of his wards, with their agreement [sells] with Richard Escolesse and his heirs ... a cabotel of rent that the said John Escollasse, father of Richard, had previously sold to Richard his son, in right of his wife the grandmother of the said girls. Pierre Trachy also claims to have bought it in right of his wife &c &c. [p. 20]

Guernsey Letters from Sir Edgar MacCulloch's MSS in Greffe (transcribed and lent me by Colonel de Guérin.)

14 July 1377. Latin. Under seal. Chief Pleas d'heritage. Denis Le Marchant, Lieutenant, John Le Marchant, Bailiff, in the presence of Robert Henry, Colin de Saumarez, Jean Ti[phaigne] and Pierre de St Pierre, jurats. ... John Robert guardian of John Olivier, junior, Robert son of John Robert in right of his wife, Thomas ... in right of his wife, Colin Duquemin in right of his wife, Richard Fale in right of his wife and John de Putron in right of his wife. Heirs John Olivier of St Martin, John Discart, clameur raised &c. [p. 22]

9 July 1388. Copy. Under seal. Pierre de St Pierre [St Pey], Lieutenant of Gervaise de Clermont, Bailiff. Oliver Le Feyvre, Colin de Saumares, John de la Bethe and John Bernard, jurats. .... Guillot, Simon, and Raulin, sons and heirs of Oliver Le Moygne of the one part; and Colin Le Feyvre by right of Johanne his wife of the second part. Sons have exchanged rents with Colin in right of his wife, owed by John de la Fourest, Guilbert Guillemyn and the following: the heirs of: Thomas Blondel, Guillemote des Augueres, Jordan Bregeart and parceners, Richard Gosse, Pierre de Havilland, Guillon Tyaut, Jenicot Patris; the heirs of Pierre Clerisse, Thomelin Prey in right of his wife, John Jehan, heirs of Robert Herevy, Pierre de la Rue, Guille Falise(?), Rauf de l'Estoc, Jordan de la Rue, Pierre Genas, Pierre de la Fauconniere for Harvistel, Michel le Petevin, Guillot de la Mare, Richard de Vic in right of his wife, Martin Gervaise, Jehan Le Feyvre, Olivier Le Feyvre, Jehan L'Estoc in right of his wife, Henry Perrin, Raoul Effart, Mathieu Prie in right of his wife, Guilbert Guillemyn. Le prévost d'Anneville. Robert des Camps (former King's granger) and parceners. The heirs of Richard Corbin, Thomas Emeline and his parceners, Pierre Bailleul and parceners, Thomas Bonamy, Pierre Hamelin, John du Marest, the fief St Eleyne; John Ober, Guillon Tyaut, John Thomas, Richard Belle; the heirs of John Patris; Mathieu Le Huly. Pierre de Havilland, Rauf Saudier [Sandrier?], John Jehan, Philippe Blondel, Robert Hervy, Colin Garin, Katherine Gelysanne, Colin Jehanne, Guillot Blondel, John Le Magneu; the heirs of Guille du Roquer. Colin exchanges with heirs of Oliver Le Moygne 24 quarters of Jersey rent Jersey measure, owed by the rentiers of Colin's wife, viz.: Pierre Erembert, Pierre Dessous Le Mont, Pierre Sanson, Guillot Pallot, Richard Tehier, Drouet les Maresq, Robert Besernese (?) pour Guille Vasse, Pierre Loussell (?) pour John Boisy, John ..., Pierre Pain, John de Garrys, John Dolbel, Thomas Brassefer pour Pierre Robert, Philippot de Vinchelez, Drouet Lempriere, Drouet Larbalestier; heirs of Oliver Le Moyne owe these rents in Guernsey to Olivier, and Olivier guarantees the rents in Jersey. [pp. 23 ff.]

1392. Gervase de Clermont Bailiff. Monday before the feast of St Thomas the Apostle. Pierrot Le Marchant, Pierre de St Pey and Colin Blondel, jurats. Thomas de Castel son of Thomas gifts to Richard Nicolas, this year's Treasurer of the own Church, on behalf of the Town Church, rent on his estate. He gives this gift so that when he dies he may be buried in the Church. However if he dies outside the island the Church is not to receive the gift. [p. 27]

28 June 1392/3. Pleas d'heritage. Gervase de Clermont, Bailiff. Colin Le Feyvre, Michel Le Feyvre, John Nicholas, John Maletier, John la Cornelle, John B[er]nart et Sandre Cartier, jurats. Found against Pierre Robilliard and for Colin de ..., did not pay rent owed on pièce of land on his farm in St Pierre du Bois, the plot having been sold by the late Michel le Clerc to Pierre Robilliard for the amount of the said rent. [p. 27]

17 July 1383 (or 1393). Gervase de Clermont, Bailliff. Colin Le Feyvre, John Maltd, Pierre de St Pierre, John Nicholas, Michel Le Feyvre, John Bernard, Colin de Saumareis and Guillot Cornelle, jurats. Perrot Le Marchant, John Le Feyvre, guardian[s?] of Janequin Le  Marchant, Janequin appearing for the first part and Renolvet Denis for the second part. The Le Marchants sell to Renolvet and his wife Perrote and heirs &c a place de maison situated ... and on the south side meeting the gate (porte) which [belonged to] John Le Marchant in the Town of St Peter Port .. and the land behind above the gable of John Le Marchant's former great hall (haute salle, on the first floor of the house). R may build on his plot (place) in front of the gate and on the field adjoining it, but may never erect anything that interferes with the view and light reaching the Manorial Chapel and hall. Arrangements for Jannequin and Perrot and heirs in place should R wish to sell house on &c.; if R and his wife die without heirs property reverts to the Le Marchants &c [Copy of the original kept amongst the deeds of the house to the south of the Arch in the Grand Carrefour of St Peter Port, leading to the Manoir au Marchant.]

7 May 1409. Gervase de Clermont, Bailiff. Guillot Le Fevre, Pierrot Coquerel, James Coquerel, Olivier Le Feyvre, John Caretier, jurats. Olivier La Loë senior, guardian of the daughter of the late Simon Marot, v. John Thiaut son of Guillou, re demand for rent on a house to the west of the Moulin Main in St Peter Port, which had been inherited from his father Guillou Thiaut, to whom it was sold a long time before by one Philippot Goddel, who had himself come into possession of it via the attorneys of the Confraternity (Frairie) of Notre Dame of St Peter Port, to whom he paid the bushel of rent owed to the Confraternity. Goddel and Thiaut together sold the house to a certain Guiffroy, who sold it on to the aforementioned Simon Marot [original document in possession of Nicolas Lefebvre senior.]

January 29 1418 Pleas de namps. [James] Coquerel, Bailiff, under the très noble et poissant prince, Monsignor the Duke of Beddeford, Seigneur des Isles. [Thomas? Bl]ondel, Pierrot Coquerel, Johan Caretier, Johan du Gayllard(?), Guillot Henry, Nicholas de Saumarez, Johan de Garrys, James Le ffeyvre and G[-], jurats. []lye son of Pierre, as attorney and representative of Miquelot Le ffeyvre, at present resident in Jersey, v. Olivier le ffeyvre as guardian of the [children?] of the late Pierrot le ffeyvre and partners who claim to be joint seigneurs of a fief called es Maulmarchiez, surveyed in the King's Extente, in the parish of St Andrew and another called the fief St Sauveur and one called the fief de la Haule. Certain of their tenants, that is, Thomelyn de la Roque son of Johan, Jehanne .... Le Massuryer son of Denys, Perotin Effart son of Thomas &c. [Original in bad condition, in possession of Nicolas Lefebvre senior.]

17 February 1421. Court d'heritage. James Coquerel, Bailiff. Duke of Bedford &c. Denis Le Marchant, Perrot Coquerel, Thomas Blondel, John Caretier, James Le Feyvre, John de Garrys, Olivier Le Feyvre and Edmon Henry, jurats. Perrot Gallet, Miquelot Gallet his parcener as both partial and general heirs of one Emmelote former wife of the late Philippot de St George of the Castel, v. John Tyault, clerc, in his right as the treasurer and keeper of the Town church treasury and a member of the Town church council (fabrique), because Perrot and Miquelot called Gallet [owe] the rent due on Emmelote's estate that she used to pay when she was alive in the Castel and which was assigned by exchange to the estate by John de la Betthe senior and his wife, as certified by the evidence of 12 honest men (prud'hommes) &c. Same day. Johann Philippe, called le Prevost, Perrot Philippe and Philippot Philippe, through their representatives and those of their parceners, in their right as heirs of a certain Pierre Helié, the late, v. the aforesaid Treasurer, in pursuance of a rent owed on the estate due on the burial of Pierre Prygny and the gift given by Johanne de la Betthe and Pierre Helié during their lifetimes. Under seal.

24 December 1440. Sire John de Lorreur, priest;  8 July 1451. Chaplain of the Chapel of St Bryc.

1469. Will of Jeanne Thiault, widow of John de Caules: Guillaume le Barey, acting assistant minister for the venerable Dr Guillaume Le Feyvre, parish priest of St Peter Port. [18 July 1482. Vue de justice, held on the spot, between Sire Guillaume Le Barey, priest, ... and the house which belonged to John Houssaye, in the rue de la Fontaine on the Tower side. 20 April 1553. John de la Marche junior of St Peter Port sells to Nicolas de la Court son of Thomas, a field which used to belong to Sire Guillaume Le Barey, priest, rector and minister of the Town church, in an area known as la Varde.]

1480. John Bequerel, priest and rector of St Michel du Valle.

15 August 1422. Under seal. James Coquerel Bailiff &c Duke of Bedford &c. Thomas Blondel and John du Gaillard, jurats. Perotin Sandrier son of Robin, gives and leaves for charity and alms ... rent. ... to the Chapel of St Julyan du Bosc, from the estate of his grandfather Michael Houre (?) of the said parish &c.

11 March 1432/33. James Coquerel, Bailiff, Duke of Bedford &c. Denis Le Marchant, Pierre Nicholas, Nicholas de Saumary, Olivier Le ffeyvre, Perot Coquerel, Thomas Blondel, John Caretier, John de Garis, and Edmon Henry, jurats. John du Gaillard in his own right and Pierre Le Bougre as attorney representing his children and their parceners, complaining that they have suffered grievous damage because of their mill, called the Moulin de la Mer, in St Peter Port. Certain people living above the douit running west to east down through a tunnel (volte) which forms part of the mill, have emptied household rubbish and washing waste into it and caused a great deal of damage to the mill and thus to the people of the Town. ... Ordered that a grill of wood or iron be fixed to the entrance of the tunnel to allow the water clear running, and that present and future owners of the mill must from henceforth keep the grill in good repair &c. [See description of 'La Grille' south of Town Church in Lukis MSS and MacCulloch's Notes on Churches, p. 48.]

1444. Under seal. Thomas de la Court Bailiff. Duke of Gloucester Signore des Isles. Letters patent from Henry VI concerning tolls in Plymouth, Dartmouth, Poole and Southampton examined. Jurats Denis Le Marchant, Nicholas de Saumarez, Perrot Nicholas, Thomas Blondel, Guille Cartier and Guille de Beauvoir. Inhabitants of Guernsey have appealed to him (the King), as their rights as inhabitants of a free-port being infringed, expected to pay la petite coutume (toll) at the aforementioned ports; but inhabitants of free-ports, as Guernsey is, in return for agreeing to provide transport by sea for King whenever he might require it at their own expense for up to six weeks &c, not liable to this toll. Despite this have been harassed to pay it by the toll-collectors. Therefore the King orders that they should be free to come and go as they wish without paying this levy on their movements or their merchandise, and thus should be treated in the same way as the inhabitants of other free-ports in the Kingdom. Under privy seal at Westminster, 7 May  1444. Sealed and copies made in Guernsey, 4 August 1444. [EC. Note by Sir E MacCulloch: 'In possession of a member of the de Beauvoir family des Granges. The original charter of Henry VI does not appear amongst the Royal Charters kept in the Greffe.']

Partage of Jacques Bouillon. [p. 118]

First Bill of partage of the estate of Jean Brys, shared between Pierre Brys and Nicollas Martin son of Thomas, guardian of Collas Brys, child of the said Jean Brys, and Alix Martin in right of  her dowry as the widow of the said Jean Brys, this ... June 1609. Firstly: one half of the house in Cornet Street opposite the Cemetery [chymetière], between Jean de la Marche's house and [the house of] Thomas Roland. Item the Courtil known as l'Hermitage, running up on the SW side as far as the ditches [douvres] belonging to Thomas Guille, and [lying] to the NW of the orchard of Ester de Sausmarez. And the Bill pays out to Thomasse Careye, the widow of Thomas Effart &c.

29 April 1650. Assigned to Leonard Blondel son of Jean in right of Marie his wife, daughter of the late Noelle (?), 3 quarters that her aforementioned father owed her (?) in right of her mother Marie de France and 1 quarter 1 cab. against the heirs of Nicollas Lihou son of James. Signed (?) Jacques Guille, Jean Blondel. [p. 111]

As keeper of the deeds and titles that belong to the Town poor, received from Sr Henry de Jersey, attorney of Dame Marie Corbin, protector of Damoiselle Rachel Massy [Massey] daughter of the late Mr Thomas Massy, the following deeds of entitlement belonging to the said poor, which had been in the possession of the said Mr Massy, as he had previously been Poor Officer: 1. A letter under seal of 11 October 1563, containing the sale by Thomas de Garis, son of Pierre, to Jean le Patourel, son of Jean, of a house, by virtue of which [a sum of rent] is owed to the poor of St Julian. 2. A letter under seal of 27 November 1605, containing the sale by Pierre Agenor son of Gaultier to Pierre Careye, Poor Officer of St Peter Port [for a sum of rent] to be paid by Jean Bailleul son of Pierre. 3. A collection ... of 15 March 1620 containing the sale by Collas le Roy to Guillaume Briton son of Philipin of a house at Nermont [Noirmont] ... St Sampson  ... [p. 111].

12 February 1439. To whom it may concern: Thomas de la Court bailiff under the high and most powerful prince Monsieur the Duke of Gloucester, Seigneur des Isles. Nicholas de Saumarez and Thomas Blondel, jurats. John du Roquier, as representative and attorney of his nephew Pierre du Roquier junior, whose late father Pierre was the brother of the said John, [sells to] Johan le Noble of Normandy, at present residing in St Peter Port ... [According to Mr Alllis, 'The counterseal bears the impression of the seal of Thomas de la Court, viz., a chevron between 3 quatrefoils, & is in a fairly good state.' (These arms are the arms of Caretier, subsequently adopted by the de Beauvoirs. EFC.)] [p. 112]

MSS in Candie Library 

The accounts of Thomas Guille, receiver, 1451/2. See MSS 1309-1464. With annotations;  [pp. 119 ff.]

Deed in possession of Wilfred Carey

17 March 1473/4. Pleas of the Court of St Michel du Valle. Thomas Blondel Seneschal. Sire Johan le Carpentier, curé and rector of the parish church of St Michel du Valle accused and caused to be brought before the court Nicholas Escolasse, son of(?) Guillon Escollasse of St Sampson in right of and because of his mother, the daughter of Johan Richard, for the sum of four den. wheat rent. 21 March. In the presence of Johan Preyes, Phelipot Balan, Johan Robert, Michel Sauvary, Pierres Sallemon, vavassours of the Court. 11 preudes hommes sworn in as witnesses; testified that the rent was due to the minister on the house and farm of the aforesaid Nicholas and of the gerre (genre?) of Johan Richard, and gave proof of it. Escolasse liable to pay, rector given letter of proof by Seneschal as is his right, with seal of Thomas Blondel &c.

¹ 'Largely through the friendship between Edmund Toulmen Nicolle, of Jersey, and Miss Edith Carey of Guernsey, both eminent historians, the societies [Socs Jers. and Guern.] drew closer together, and the Guernsey one changed its name from the Guernsey Society of Natural Science and Local Research to La Société Guernesiaise after 1920.' Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society, XXIX (2), Summer 1973, p. 58.