List of photographs in the Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society 1965-1968

29th August 2017

This invaluable publication is available for consultation at the Library. A list of its photographic illustrations from vols. XXI-XXIV 1965-1968. Please ask for further information. The items may no longer be with the same owners or guardians.

See also List of photographs in the Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society 1969-1972.

XXI 1 Spring 1965

Fig 1. La Bouvee, St Martin’s, back. RW J Payne. 2. La Bouvee, St Martin’s front of house facing North. RWJ Payne. 3. Guernsey bonnets. N Grut. 4. Official being sworn in at Court of Chief Pleas of Fief ès Mauxmarquis. 1964. Guernsey Press.

XXI 2 Summer 1965

Fig. 5. Two old prints used to  decorate writing paper [Petit Bot and View of St Peter Port.] 6. The Brock Monument, Queenstown Heights, Ontario. A Symons. 7. Les Escaliers de Mont Gibel. 8. The Holy Well, Les Fontaines, Castel. 1963. R Payne.

XXI 3 Autumn 1965

Fig 9. The grant of arms 1704  to Erigio Emerico, Count of St Dalmas. T A Grut. 10. Sketch by F E de St Dalmas of the Archirondel Tower, St Catherine’s Bay, Jersey. 11. Watercolour painted about 1880 by F E de st Dalmas of a Guernsey farmhouse. [See p. 90, Horbury House? Or a house in the Forest, or house at bottom of School Lane &c.] 12. ‘The Weathered Stone,’ La Moye.In a field (La Houmière) on right hand side of road from L’Ancresse Common, une pierre sainte.

XXI 4 Winter 1965

Fig. 13. Snow scene at Les Eperons, St Andrews. 14. House on road to Saints Bay with tourelle à escalier. S M Henry. 15. Prisoners’ Walk, Castle Cornet. 1956. R Payne. 16. Mother goddess in the Castel  churchyard, with stone seat of Court of Fief St Michel in front. 1963. R Payne.

XXII 1 Spring 1966

Fig. 1. Rev. Edward Boyes Ellman about 1860-65. Sussex Archaeological Society. E Reeves. 2. Elizabeth College 1830. 3. Les Mourains, Castel. 1959. S M Henry. 4. Fief seat of Fief La Cour [see also p. 19.]

XXII 2 Summer 1966

5. Castle Cornet in 19th century with vraic gatherers. 6. Old Guernsey woman in red cloak by Peter Le Lievre in the possession of Miss M E de Putron, a great-niece of Pierre de Putron, a close friend of the artist. 7. Part of a Cavalcade in summer 1932. Late Advocate Langlois. Lent by Priaulx Library. From Guernsey Press. 8. Arch of Le Cognon, Vale, Guernsey. Stevens. 9. Arch at Saint-Guinoux, Ile et Vilaine, France. From J Stevens’ Old Jersey Houses. 10. Red sandstone rood built into Courtil Rozel, Mount Durand. Photo c. 1903. Priaulx Library.

XXII 3 Autumn 1966

11. Rue des Vaches, by Peter Le Lievre. C 1850. Guille-Allès Library. 12. The sign of the Coronation Inn in Alderney. Owner Mr Spite. Photo Brian Martell.  13. Pions, Pleimont, La Chevauchee. 14. The tram car used by William Caparne and daughter. Photo lent by Mrs Jesson.  15. Caparne, Exhibition of pictures at Rectory House, St Peter Port, just before the war. 16. William Caparne at work. Photo lent by Miss Glynes.

XXII 4 Winter 1966

Fig. 17. Brigadier General Cecil de Sausmarez, about 1920. 18. Hauteville House. 1956. R Payne. 19. The new 10s coin showing both sides. 1966. Carel Toms.

XXIII 1 Spring 1967

Fig 1. The Le Beir Monument in the Fairfield. 1966.  R Payne. 2. A lane in the Variouf, Forest, early 20th century. 3. French washerwomen. Postcard. 4. Party at Little Ship Club 25 November. 1966. D Godfrey.

XXIII 2 Summer 1967

Fig. 5. The first tram. R Northey. 6. Major-General Gaspard Le Marchant 1766-1812. Photo by Carel Toms from sketch by unknown artist. 7. Round chimney on the old de Garis house at Sous L’eglise &c. Priaulx Library. 8. Royal Hotel and tram. Postcard c. 1905.

XXIII 3 Autumn 1967

Fig. 9. Letter from Anne Bradford [1844 re Sark.] 10. Old Church in Sark, pre-1820. 11. Raised interglacial beach at Les Pequeries. Guernsey Press. 12. Ladies judging dairy produce at the first annual West United Show, September 1913, held at Les Islets Arsenal, St Peter’s.

XXIII 4 Winter 1967

Fig. 13. S Jehan takes the oath as Sergeant at autumn meeting of Court of Fief d’Anneville. Mr Jehan, Dr C Northcote Parkinson, Lt-Col H W Poat, Advocate E Bourgaize, Mr C Mahy. 1967. Guernsey Press. 14. Saumarez Park before WWII with fountains. 15. The Japanese house at Saumarez Park. Mrs Florence Ayscough. 16. Julius Alphonso Carey (1836-93) in the uniform of the 3rd Regt of the RGLI with second wife Julia Brook &c.

XXIV 1 Spring 1968

Fig. 1 Vincent Grantham. Chartered Bank. Portrait by D Jagger. 2. Pedvin Street and Bordage c 1900. Postcard. 3. Trinity Church at beginning 20th century &c. Postcard. 4. Annual dance at Little Ship Club 1967. R Walker.

XXIV 2 Summer 1968

Fig. 5. A Guernsey lily. Carel Toms. Chamfer stop at La Pompe, St Martin’s. R Payne. 6. Carving on door at La Pompe, St Martin’s. 1967. R Payne. 7. Carving, ditto. 8. The Guernsey Rugby Football Club’s seven-a-side tournament at Sanderstead, April 1968. M Ouseley.

XXIV 3  Autumn 1968

Fig. 9. Milkmaid (Les Duveaux). 10. Rue Vauvert, St Peter Port, early in the century. Postcard. 11. Sausmarez Road, St Martin's, and gates of Sausmarez Manor. Postcard [Louis Levy]. 12. 'Clovelly,' Le Varclin, St Martin's. 1963. R W J Payne.

XXIV 4 Winter 1968

Fig. 13. The late B J H Gosselin. 14. Guernsey Society's cocktail party, Castle Cornet. The Bailiff, Lady Coleman, Lady Cunningham, HE The Lieut.-Governer, Sir Charles Cunningham, Lady Arnold. 1968. Guernsey Press. 15. Ditto. Secretary and Treasurer. 1968. R Walker. 16. Young Sarnians dance at the Little Ship on Nov. 1st. 1968. R Walker.