Wasting the Court's time in Guernsey French: folles adjonctions, June 1826

Frivolous actions for defamation, from the Gazette de Guernesey of June 24, 1826. The newspapers liked to print letters and other examples of Guernsey French, but even the French language newspapers such as the Gazette often seemed to be scoffing at the 'rustics' of the country parishes: these antagonists were from the Forest.

A prince of their own choosing: the proclamation of George I, 16 August 1714

A translation of part of Laurent Carey's manuscript On the Customary Law of Guernsey, from the Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, Vol. V, 1838, edited by F. B. Tupper. Carey's Essai, written around the 1750s, formed the day-to-day reference for the proceedings of the Royal Court, under whose auspices it was eventually published in 1889. Here he was illustrating the fact that the inhabitants of Guernsey can choose to accept the proposed sovereign or not, who, once accepted, becomes 'un prince de leur propre choix'—and display absolute loyalty when they do so. The photograph below shows the proclamation of George V in Guernsey in 1910. The letter above is an invitation from the Governor to the constables to attend the proclamation of 1714. Library collection.

Le Pelley notes from Col. Le Pelley's MSS II

Contrats pour lire: 21 July 1589. Jean Le Pelley fils Collas de St Pierre du Bois [sells ] 6 bs de rente a Thomas de Lisle. Ditto 18 June 1598. Collette Pezett fille de Jean, de St Pierre Port [widow] de Jean Le Fyvre [sells] pour £33 sterling d'Angleterre & 12bs d'annuelle rente, La Croutte Pezett en St André, au fyeu des Esperons, cont. 10 vergees de terre, au north du Cortill John Bailleull, à l'est [] des Gouyes appartenant à Martin Belin à cause de [sa] femme fille de Thomas de Garys. A Collas Le Pelley fils Charles. Do. 5th September 1570 . Edmond Ettur [sells] à Pierre Le…