Library Newspaper Collection

Flouncing: July 1834

Vive la Flounce! A comic piece in the form of a letter to the Editor of the Star newspaper of July 24, 1834, on the islands' peculiar custom of 'flouncing,' or affiancing, by a visiting wit who called himself 'Time-killer;' and a description of flouncing in Alderney, from Captain Wood's Subaltern Officer, published in 1825. The pictures are from Cruickshank's Sketchbook of 1834-6, part of the Priaulx Library's extensive collection of work by this illustrator.

Wasting the Court's time in Guernsey French: folles adjonctions, June 1826

Frivolous actions for defamation, from the Gazette de Guernesey of June 24, 1826. The newspapers liked to print letters and other examples of Guernsey French, but even the French language newspapers such as the Gazette often seemed to be scoffing at the 'rustics' of the country parishes: these antagonists were from the Forest.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 22 June 1897

From the Gazette de Guernesey, 26 July 1897. The islands celebrated this jubilee with gusto, the main carnival being at St Peter Port, which was decorated throughout with triumphal arches and lights. Each parish also had its own celebration, held on different days so that the country people could visit Town for the main event. Only Sark and Alderney held their parties on the same day, much to the silent chagrin of the children of Sark, who missed the magnificent fireworks!