John Banister to Elisha Tupper, July 11, 1775

John Banister of Virginia describes the Boston Tea Party and the growing disaffection between Britain and New England, including the Battles of Lexington and Concord, to update his business associate, shipping magnate Elisha Tupper. The illustration, from the Priaulx Library collection, is of a miniature of Elisha (1720-1802), in the background of which a date, possibly 1785, is just discernible. The photograph was taken by or on behalf of Edith Carey, c. 1920.

The loss of the Hibernia, April 1833

From a letter in the Star, May 2, 1833. The Hibernia, Captain Brend, left Liverpool 6 December 1832, and sank on February 4, NW of Acension island, 1100 miles from Brazil. There were 79 males, 80 females, and 50 children as passengers; 4 of the crew were boy apprentices. 150 died. There were insufficient lifeboats, and they were very poorly maintained. The survivors were rescued by the Guernsey vessel, Isabella.

L'Inconnu, 1814

Admiralty-office, Feb. 5. A Letter from Captain Shepheard, of the Fylla, announces his having captured the French lugger privateer L'Inconnu, of St. Maloes, of 180 tons; pierced for 20 guns, mounted 15, and had 109 men. Her second Captain and four men were killed, and four wounded. Lieut. W. H. Pearson, and W. Read, corporal of marines,were wounded on board the Fylla. [Gentleman's Magazine, No. 84.]