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Boots and shoes

Receipt made up in 1796 by the shoemaker John Edwards for the footwear of Carteret Priaulx and his brothers. Anthony Priaulx, a 'bad boy,' wore out his dancing shoes as he was 22 at the time. The brothers, sons of Thomas Priaulx and Rebecca Le Marchant, were: the oldest, Carteret (1758-1822), Thomas (1762-1844), John (1768-1829), and Anthony, the youngest (1774-1820). A J T Edwards was a shoemaker in the Commercial Arcade in Guernsey in 1841. He had a large family; the census gives him as being born in England c 1800, and his wife Charlotte, aged 33, as also born in England. From a Scrapbook of receipts in the Library.

Will of Richard de Beauvoir

21st October 2015
'From MSS in possession of Mrs Fred. Dobrée, The Laurels, Candie. Notes taken 20 November 1909.' From the de Beauvoir files in the Library, which include a full copy of this will and others from this branch of the de Beauvoir family; and a letter of 1681 in French (here translated) from Richard to his brother James in Guernsey, taken from an undated newspaper cutting.  The illustration of Balmes House is a figure from the Rev. D. Lyson's Environs of London &c, Vol. II. the County of Middlesex, London: Cadell and Davies, 1795, in the Library Collection.