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The Creux Mahie, October 1888

The largest cave in Guernsey, once a major tourist attraction. From the Monthly Illustrated Journal, (Guernsey Magazine), October 1888, p. 85; and the cave in 1951, when a party of three including a press photographer go in search of bats there. The illustration is a detail looking out of the Creux Mahie from a small 19th century visitor's guide to the cave.

History of the Jeux St George

An extract from an article in The Guernsey Magazine, July 1888, p. 60, giving a detailed history of the Jeux St George, which took place annually after Christmas at Vazon. It was the foundation of these games, which were instituted as an incentive for members of the militia to improve their marksmanship, which was at that time very poor, that eventually led to the expertise of Guernsey marksmen at Bisley and other competitions. The results of these games and other similar island shooting competitions that followed were always reported in great detail in the local newspapers.

Guernsey - The Pick of the Bunch: a tourist brochure from 1934

The Priaulx Library has a great deal of ephemera amongst its collection, including tourist brochures. This is a particularly attractive example, from 1934, produced by the 'States' of Guernsey Advertising Committee' and printed by the Guernsey Press Co., Ltd. This 168-page brochure seems to have been written as a guide to Guernsey for both the potential holidaymaker and prospective resident.A full week in Guernsey, including return travel from London, seven nights accommodation, and three Motor Tours—£6-8-6!

Cachemaille's The island of Sark: The Gouliot Caves

An extract from the Reverend James Cachemaille's fascinating guide to his adopted home, translated from the French by Louisa Harvey. How his friend the Seigneur discovered the Gouliot Caves, once a famous tourist destination, and a description of their 'Chimney' souffleur in a gale. The photograph of the caves is part of the Priaulx Library Collection and dates from 1900.