Brock files

9th July 2015

The contents of the Library's Brock family file: includes cuttings, articles, MSS and original documents. There is also a separate collection dedicated to documents concerning Sir Isaac Brock. Please contact the Library for further information.

1. Pen and ink representation of Brock family crest.

2. Colour representation of Brock family crest.

3. Marriage certificate: William Brock & Mary Henry (London 1723).

4. Extracts from registers of marriage & baptism (St. Martin) re Daniel de Lisle Brock [DDLB] & Esther Tourtel (m. 07/09/1805); Daniel Brock bapt. 27/05/1800.

5. Portrait of Daniel de Lisle Brock  (b. 10/12/1762) by Elizabeth Le Bas (1825).

6. The late Bailiff, extracts from the Jersey papers re the late DDLB, the Star 03/10/1842.

7. A great Guernseyman, re DDLB (Guernsey Evening Press [GEP], 07/07/1940).

8. A Bailiff who was Island's saviour, (GEP 07/1967).

9. We should remember this island champion, (GEP 17/09/1973) re DDLB.

10. First public look at Bon Air, (GEP 31/05/1976.)

11. Extract from Register of baptism re Isaac Brock (SPP) born 06/10/1769.

12. Transcript inheritance re Sophia Brock (dau. DDLB) c. 1849.

13. Published pamphlet, a defence re fall of Brock & Le Mesurier by Irving Brock (25/06/1811).

14. Petition to Bailiff DDLB for marina at Rocquaine (13/08/1830).

15. Extract from Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock, (1845) re death of brothers.

16. Extract from Colburn's United Service Magazine, 1847, re Elizabeth Tupper née Brock, d. 30 October, and death of her brothers & sons.

17. Pirates (GEP 03/07/68) recalling British patrols, one ocmmanded by Lieut. Brock, son of W H Brock, c. 1856, off Chinese coast.

18. In memoriam obituary of Rosa Brock, daughter of Savery Brock (m. Rev. Barnes (I), General Huyshe (II)).

19. Third successful Altantic flight, re American pilot William Brock (n.d., the Times?).

20. Naval & military notes. Admiral F E E Brock's visit to Gov. of Algeciras (02/05/1914).

21. Portsmouth command change, re Admiral Sir Osmond de Beauvoir Brock (01/1925), Commander-in-Chief (28/04/1926).

22. a. British Admirals in command during the War, re Sir O de B Brock, photograph. b. Obituaries, Sir Frederick Brock (1929).

23. Death of Brigadier-General H J Brock, son of O de B Brock (the Times, c. 1933).

24. Captain Brock retires, c. 1929, re Commander Neville B C Brock.

25. Dean's tribute at funeral of Captain Brock, re Donald Carey Brock, GEP 06/08/1970.

26. The Brock family. Notes from Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock and other sources. General genealogy.

27. General Brock by Lady Edgar. Notes on family origins.

28. Brock family, early origins 15th-16th centuries.

29. Brock family outline, list of births, marriages, and deaths.

30. Extracts from family letters re Brock (100-1853) (BMD).

31. Genealogy of the Brocks of Guernsey: family pedigrees, 18th-19th century.

32. Family pedigree. Descendants of William Brock and Colette Fenian.

33. Family pedigrees. a. Descendants of Pierre Brock & Rachel (from Admiral Frederick Brock's pedigree). b. Descendants of John Brock & Elizabeth de Lisle. c. Descendants of Henry Brock & Susanne Saumarez.

34. Family pedigrees. a. Descendants of George Brock & Elizabeth Mount Schreiber. b. Descendants of Henry Brock & Susanne Saumarez. c. Descendants of William Brock & Anne Mourant.

35. Family pedigrees. a. Descendants of Reverend Thomas Brock & Mary Carey. b. Descendants of V. Reverend Carey Brock & Frances Elizabeth G Baynes (Mrs Cary Brock), including cutting from the Times (28/10/?1925) re divorce petition J F Brock vs. D C Brock.

36. Brock pedigree 1574-1739.

37. Family pedigree. Descendants of John Brock & Elizabeth de Lisle.

38. Family pedigree. Descendants of William Brock & Marie Henry.

39. Family pedigree. Descendants of William Brock & Marie Henry.

40. Family pedigrees. a. Descendants of William Brock d. 1776. b. Descendants of William Henry Brock & Mary Priaulx. c. Descendants of Susanne Brock & Joseph D'Acre Lacy.

41. Rouville family pedigree, re Paul Gervaise de Rouville, m. Louise Brock, sister of Isaac.

42. Brock family pedigree. Descendants of Reverend Octavius Brock (1807-1866).

43. Family pedigree. Descendants of Oswald de Beauvoir Brock.

44. Transcripts of the Testament and codicil of Mrs James Brock (1792-1859).

45. Accounts. De Beauvoir Brock & William Brock.

46. Accounts & receipts. Brock (Beauvoir, Loughborough).

47. Notes (transcript) made in 1902 by Mary Elizabeth Guille (née Brock) on Brock property, deaths, births, marriages.

48. Accounts & receipts. H F Brock &c, 1807-1840.

49. Account. To be settled by the heirs of the late Brock senior re companies 'William Brock & Brothers,' & 'John Brock & Brothers,' 1777.

50. Notes from parish registers &c.  Transcript, including translated information from Edith Carey MSS.

51. Letter from Kentish Brock.

52. Letter from F W Brock, Canon of Mallor, to Edith Carey.

53. Letter to Miss Carey re Peter de Jersey, William Brock &c (19th century Brock family).

54. List of towns in Canada re Brockiana.

55. Letter 02/04/20 to Miss Carey re John Brock of Jersey (living 1677).

56. Trotter correspondence (Priaulx Library) re DDLB, 1976.

57. List of Brock family heirlooms belonging to William Ranulf Brock in 1983.

58. L Kosche correspondence re 19th century Brocks.

59. Invitation to John Weatherall to keep Brock papers at the Priaulx Library (02/05/1953).

60. Children of John Brock & Elizabeth de Lisle from Town Church register.

61. Hero Brock has his first view of the New World, Tony Booth, GEP 20/10/1988.

62. Letter, C. Kingsley Adams (1899-1971) of National Portrait Gallery, to Rosemary de Sausmarez, 11/11/1958, re portraits of Isaac Brock.

63. Pedigree Fanshaw, Windsor.

See also: Isaac Brock, letters after his death, 1813; Irving Brock & the Huron chiefs; news of death of Isaac Brock brought to Guernsey, 1812; Harriet Brock Pengelley; Rosa Brock at Rosenheim; some Brock family miniatures, &c