Where are they?

17th November 2015

Things we would like to find:

If you have these or know of their whereabouts, please contact us!

The original of Jane Barlow's diary.

The original of Phillips Logger's musket drill.

Walter Martin's Royal Hotel scrapbook.

Any miniature or cartoon by Matthias Finucane.

The MSS book of Job Mauger, 1722, described by Edith Carey in Guernsey Folk Lore p. 550.

The Diary of Mary Ramsden Hamon, née de Garis, of her voyage to Australia in 1855 on the Surprise, that was presented to the Guille-Allès Library in 1926 [The Star March 17 1926.]

Martha Marquand's second photograph album (1860-1875); [Martha de Putron, wife of Henri Marquand]

Missing from the Rare Books Collection:

Edith Carey's copy of the very rare The case of Henry de Merveilleux, presbyter of the Church of England, rector and sole minister of the parochial church and island of Alderney, in the British Channel. ... The answer of Thomas Le Mesurier, commander in chief of the island of Alderney,and late farmer of the revenue of the Crown, in the same island, in vindication of his reputation, wrongfully aspersed by Mr. Henry de Merveilleux, ... in his printed paper, published in April, 1713. 

Juncker's German-English Dictionary:

The Priaulx Library is looking for a copy of the Juncker's German-English Dictionary, ordered for the island's schoolchildren from Germany by the Education Council on behalf of the German Feldkommandatur during the occupation.

We would also be very pleased to see any books that were given out as prizes to schoolchildren and teachers for prowess and effort in learning German by the occupying forces.

Telephone Directories, pre-1979; 'Weekenders,' 1983; theatre programmes; auction catalogues

The staff at the Library are often regretting the lack of old Island telephone directories when helping customers with queries. At present our collection does not extend back before 1979. We would appreciate any donations of pre-1979 directories! We are also missing the Guernsey Press 'Weekender' sections from October-December of 1983, if you have them at home and do not need them! Our collection of programmes for such local productions as GADOC and Youth Theatre is far from complete, and we find old Guernsey auction catalogues extremely useful in our research. We would very much appreciate any unwanted copies of these or similar items.