18th century

Views of James Saumarez in 1801

'A good deal of the grimace of a Frenchman'. A short biography from The European Magazine, and London Review, for October 1801; and a less kind opinion of the Admiral, written by Admiral Thomas Byam Martin, a veteran of his campaigns who had fallen out with him, parts of whose account are often regarded as at the least fanciful. Saumarez was prone to depression, however.

Isaac Brock: letters after his death, 1813

'Poor General Brock's high spirit would never descend to particulars.' Contemporary letters that vary in their opinon of Guernseyman Sir Isaac Brock, from A Documentary History of the Campaign upon the Niagara Frontier in 1813. 'Alas! my dear Colonel, we are now no longer commanded by Brock, and our situation is most materially changed for the worse. Confidence seems to have vanished from the land, and gloomy despondency has taken its place.' Brock's own voice can be heard in his letters, in The Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock, K.B: interspersed with notices of the celebrated Indian chief, Tecumseh collected and edited by his star-struck nephew, Ferdinand Brock Tupper, copies of which are available in the Library.

One brave soldier: the death of Thomas Falla, aged 18

From the Diary of Colonel Bayly (1796-1830), of the 12th Regiment, p. 87. Thomas Falla was the son of the late Daniel Falla and Susanne Le Pelley, of the Maisons au Compte. His memorial is in St Sampson's Church. The picture above shows 'The Storming of Seringapatam, 4th May 1799 (Sutherland Highlanders),' from the Library Collection, and below is a photograph of the posthumous medal awarded to Thomas.

The will of Eleazar Le Marchant, 1716

Will of Eleazar le Marchant (died Grands Maisons, St Sampson's, Guernsey, 1716. Bailiff March 1705). Named are: Helier Perchard, Elie Perchard, Henry Bray, Martin de Gruchy N.P., Henry Bray Jnr., Elisha Dobree, John Dobrée (witnesses, lawyer); Eleazar and Joshua Le Marchant (nephews), Thomas and Joshua Le Marchant (great-nephews); Martha Le Marchant (sister); Peter Priaulx Snr (brother-in-law); Olympia Le Marchant (sister); Marie de Saumarez (wife). Translated from the French by Martin de Gruchy in 1717.