Properties owned by the States

9th June 2021
From the 'Press' Directory and Almanack, 1912, p. 39. The most valuable properties owned by the States are the Harbours of the Island. The Harbour of St Peter-Port has an extent of about 73 acres. The new Harbour was constructed under Orders-in-Council of 1851 and 1858. The original estimated cost was about £195,000, but it is estimated that about £350,000 has actually been spent. New berths have been constructed at St Julian's Emplacement, the States having voted £10,000 for the purpose on September 13, 1905. An additional £3,000 was voted on February 6, 1907. The origianl debt was extinguished on December 31, 1903.St Sampson's Harbour is about 22 acres in extent.

Dogs, by 'Lô Debhar', 1862

7th May 2021
The Guernsey Mail and Telegraph, February 22, 1862.  'To the Editor of the Mail and Telegraph.  As the following lines were the result of an hour’s innocently playful reminiscence, the Editor of the Mail and Telegraph might not be so terribly serious as to reject them.  Small localities like this for every reflective mortal who has lived much through the seven ages of life, unavoidably furnish temptations to personal allusion.  It is not the less true that, whether they be an FRS, a Sieur Pierre Robin, or an industrious and modest Charles Ozanne, not one of three acquaintances that LÔ DEBHAR* has presumed to notice here has ever inspired any other feelings than those of unfeigned respect and regard.'  This is from a cutting in the Priaulx Library collection. The note above was made at the bottom of the cutting by Samuel Eliott Hoskins, FRS.

Donations to the Priaulx Library in 2019

5th November 2020
Many thanks indeed to all our donors, who have been generous enough to share with us and with our Library users and researchers items that are often very precious to them.