Hirzel Frederick de Lisle and Mary Carey, Pre-nuptial agreement, 1832

From the De Lisle family file in the Library (No. 9). 'Articles of agreement made in the Island of Guernsey, on the Sixth day of October, In the year of our Lord 1832, by and between Hirzel Frederick de Lisle Esquire, son of the late Hirzel De Lisle Esquire, of the said Island, of the one part, Mary Carey, Spinster, daughter of John Carey Esquire, son of John, of the said Island, of the second part, and the said John Carey Esquire, of the third part. Bear witness.' The illustration is of Hirzel de Lisle's house, Hirzelbourne, now Swissville. The woodcut is by Dr Thomas Bellamy and was published in 1843 in his Pictorial Directory and Stranger's Guide to Guernsey.

Lines written on quitting the Vauquiedor, October 1813

From Le Miroir Politique, Saturday 23 October 1813. 'Original Poetry: the following Lines are the production of a Lady, whose poetical talents are not wholly unknown to this Island. A copy of them having fallen into our hands, we have not hesitated to insert it, from a persuasion that it will be acceptable to our numerous readers.' The Vauqiédor estate was acquired by Thomas Fiott de Havilland who transformed it into Havilland Hall.