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A tale of St George's chapel

16th October 2015
A ghost story, from The Stranger's Guide to the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, Guernsey: Collins /Barbet 1833, pp. 17-18. The illustration is from The Channel Islands, historical and legendary sketches, a book of poetry by C J Metcalfe, Jnr., London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1852.


26th May 2015
F F Dally, in his Essay on the Agriculture of the Channel Islands, Barbet, 1860, in Channel Islands pamphlets X in the Library. The photograph is from The Channel Islands, by 'Lesser Columbus,' Southampton: London & South Western  Railway Company, 1895.

John Shipp, 1798

22nd May 2015
Memoirs of the extraordinary military career of John Shipp, late a lieut. in His Majesty's 87th regiment. Shipp (1784-1834) twice won a commission from the ranks before the age of thirty-two, and his memoirs were extremely popular, being published in four editions. He writes about his time at Guernsey as a young man in Chapter III.  He was fourteen or so, and lead fifer in the 22nd Cheshire Regiment of Foot at the time; the regiment was in the island from 1798 to 1799 (they were inspected here on 14 August 1799.)